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POP Best Practices Keekaroo Height Right

Height Right High Chair Updates for 2017!

We've made a few small changes to make it easier to order and stock Height Right High Chairs!
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POP Best Practices Keekaroo Height Right

Point of Purchase Best Practices:

Helpful tips to make your Height Right floor model informative and interesting to customers.
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Sales Training Videos

The following videos address and explain common retailer questions you and your staff may have about Keekaroo Products.

NEW! Cafe Booster FAQ Video:

Key Selling Points:
The Peanut® Changer:
Learn about the NEW addition to the Keekaroo Family.

Height Right High Chair: Helpful selling tips for the Height Right High Chair with Infant Insert & Tray.

Café Booster:
Sales hints and and selling points of the travel friendly Café Booster seat.

Compare Configurations:

High Chair vs. Kids Chair:
What makes the High Chair different from the Kids Chair?

Infant Insert vs. Booster:
Discusses the Infant Insert and Café Booster and their unique uses.

Product Configurations

What is the difference between a Cafe Booster and an Infant Insert? Which High Chair configuration is best for your customer? How do you adjust the High Chair to a Kids Chair and back again? View these helpful training sheets for you and your sales staff below.

Infant Insert vs. Booster

Infant Insert vs. Booster

The Café Booster and Infant Insert are both made of our durable & soft cushion technology, but they are two distinctly different products.

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High Chair Configurations

High Chair Configurations

With two great High Chair options to choose from, we explain the differences and advantages of each, based on what your customer needs and their budget.

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Kids Chair and High Chair photo

Kids Chair vs. High Chair

The Height Right High Chair adjusts into a Kids chair as the child grows and vice verse. What are the key features that separate the two?

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Height Right Adjustability & Versatility

Height Right Chairs
Height Right Life Cycle:

View the Height Right's versatile and sustainable life cycle.

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Height Right Chair Uses:

Great for any age, the Height Right adjusts to fit children and adults.

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JPMA Safety Certification

Keekaroo is proud to be JPMA 2.0 certified, the highest level certification JPMA offers. ALL Keekaroo brand products are JPMA certified!

Keekaroo vs. The Competition

Peanut Changer Diaper Changer Comparison

Compare Keekaroo's NEW Peanut Changer to other diaper changing pads on the market.

High Chair With Chocolate Infant Insert High Chair Comparison: Keekaroo vs. Stokke

Compare Keekaroo's Height Right Hight Chair to the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Stack of Cafe Boosters Booster Comparison: Keekaroo vs. BabySmart & Mutsy

A comparative look at booster seats. See how Keekaroo stacks up to the competition.

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