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A Review from Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine...

"Occasionally I'll come across a product where I feel like the creators really get what it's like to be a parent to want the best for your baby without sacrificing style, to achieve things in the simplest way possible without scrimping on quality, to keep the little guy comfy and safe that's what I look for when I'm researching a product to buy for my own kids. And I've found all that and a whole lot more in the Keekaroo Height Right Wooden High Chair.

First off it's not plastic, which is always a big draw for me. (I have enough plastic in my house in the way of toys.) The chair is also adjustable for different table heights so you can pull it right up to the table, making your little one more involved in the meal. It's easy to clean and the adjustable foot rest makes a big difference - kids are less likely to fidget with their feet against something solid. I really, really like this chair - the only catch would be that you can't start using it until your child can sit up well unattended (probably around 6 months of age) and some other seats do adjust to tilt back for younger babies, but in my opinion, they're not as attractive or well-built. And it probably wouldn't be much of an issue since most babies don't start eating solids until four months of age or beyond, and if you have to feed your baby in her infant seat for a couple of months it's worth getting a better chair for the long haul. The Keekaroo can be used until your child reaches 150 pounds, so you'll be enjoying it for a long time!
Happy shopping!

A Review from Metro Parent Magazine: "From Baby Food to Algebra"

"Baby stuff is cute, but when you consider how much of it only lasts a few months the costs really begin to add up. Cute clothes? Age-appropriate toys? Traditional high chairs? Forget about all of them and check out the innovative Keekaroo Height Right Wooden High Chair and oooh and aaaah over the so-cool and wallet-friendly fact that this little item will grow with your baby, from that first bite of baby food through about 15 years of age!

Cool features include the adjustable seat and footrest, which ensure your baby is supported and isn't left to dangle his or her legs, which can distract them when eating. Once your child is secure in the Height Right, just pull it on up to the kitchen table and watch them smile as they take part in family meals."


Height Right Chair Testimonials

"Our son had outgrown the chair that attached to the table, so we needed something beyond a highchair but not a booster. He loves this chair and we love it too. It was easy to assemble (my almost 2-year old helped!) and he loves to sit in it. It is sturdy and looks great."

"Great value for this wooden adjustable high chair. We use ours constantly, and mom and dad sit on it all the time when we're at the table doing projects. It's great to have a high chair we can also use and it doesn't just take up space when it's not being used for the kidlet. Great price compared to the other adjustable wooden high chair on the market."

"I have a stokke tripp trapp as well and just couldn't drop that kind of money for a second chair. This chair is way more sturdy than the stokke. I love the design. The only thing that I don't like is that they don't offer cloth seating pads for this chair like Stokke. I prefer to buy a few to change out the look and the pads are super expensive! I was a bit fearful that my daredevil child would fall out of this chair but he hasn't yet. He climbs into and out of it himself and it is very sturdy. LOVE IT! Don't waste your money on a Stokke!

"I was looking for alternatives for our booster seat as our 2 year old had been refusing to use it- making dinner time trying. She loves her new "big girl chair" and it's the perfect size for her. Can use it to pull up to the counter when she wants to "help" with the cooking."

"We recently purchased a mahogany right height highchair with infant insert and tray. Let me start by saying the product is awesome, just AWESOME! I was extremely discouraged by the highchair options available to us. I had my son in June (a month earlier than expected) and have been shopping for a highchair since we registered for our baby shower (in February).

We found nothing was well crafted, sustainable or suited for being anything but an eyesore. I was a bit cautious about ordering a product we could not see and touch before purchasing. Your return policy and five year warrantee won me over. I must say....I could not have chosen a better fit for our little man, and our home. The wood is a wonderful quality, the tray is both functional and modern - nice twist with the removable plastic top! The infant insert is nice and comfy, and super easy to wipe clean!! I can't wait to watch my little guy grow with his cool chair!

One last thing....when I was thinking of purchasing a Keekaroo I called the number listed on your website to ask a few questions about the infant insert and I was amazed that a real person picked the phone up and immediately answered my questions. She was personable and extremely nice. Now I receive a response from you within minutes of sending my email. Kudos, to you guys at Keekaroo, I'm more than sold on you!"

"I wanted to tell you how much we love our Keekaroo chair. We've been using it for about six months - our son is 26 months now."

"It's great. I love how sturdy the chair is. Finn can get himself up and down from the table, and sometimes uses it as a stool to get to the kitchen counters."

"I love how affordable the chair was too - It was such a good deal and I think the quality is better than the Stokke Tripp Trapp. It feels like such a good use of our money, especially since it's so tight these days. I also like that being affordable means that all kinds of people can have this awesome chair and it's not just limited to people who have a great deal of disposable income, or a huge stretch for those of us who don't."

"Living in Green Seattle, I really like how eco-friendly the chair is, especially since my little boy spends so much time in it."

"I wish we'd had our Keekaroo since we started sitting Finn in a chair. I tell EVERYONE about how great it is because, well, it's GREAT. Thanks for making such a wonderful and affordable product."

"Much better than the Stokke! New Comfort Cushions really hold our 9-month old securely and comfortably; they are easily cleaned also. An excellent product."

"This chair is fabulous! It is a beautiful natural wood, and the comfort cushions are created using non-toxic fabrics and chemicals - a huge plus since my baby will undoubtedly try to eat it! It was also very easy to assemble - this was the first time my husband didn't curse while trying to put together yet another baby contraption. We are extremely happy with this product, and find it to be a superb value since it can be used and adjusted as she grows. Finally, we received FABULOUS customer service from the team at Keekaroo; they truly stand behind their product and provided exceptional follow up to ensure we were completely satisfied with our purchase. You can't go wrong with Keekaroo!"

"I wanted to drop a note to thank the person that I placed an order with for a Height Right Chair. Keekaroo was patient with my questions as the chair is for my special needs grandson and this particular chair did not indicate that this chair would work. Keekaroo helped me with measurements and went out of their way to have a special order for chocolate colored cushions run that day ... and then the chair was sent out that day! My grandson received the chair on the following Monday! It is perfect for him! Keekaroo has made one grandma very happy! I would not hesitate to shop with Keekaroo again!"

"I recently received the comfort cushions and we love them!!! They are super comfy - my son was really excited about them. They were so easy to install and they wipe clean great. Thank you for everything you have done to make sure my son is safe and other children are too."

"I just got my highchair with tray for my 7 month old. He fits in it nicely, and seems to like it. You will have to buy the cushion seat. I can't imagine him in it without it... I bought this type of highchair because I don't like the look of the "plastic monsters" in my dining room. They are bulky and food gets stuck in the cracks of those types of high chairs."

"The chair was easy for my husband and I to assemble even though there were a few more steps than I had expected. It went to together easily and the pieces seem to be well made. I am glad I purchased the cushions because I think it will be more comfortable for my grandson to sit in. It looks more like a nice piece of furniture instead of just a high chair."

"We love the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair in our home. Not only is it attractive and easy to put together, but it is really important to me that it isn't made of plastic, that it can be used for many years long after my baby is no longer a baby, and it is easy to clean. Just another product that makes living green with baby easy, fun, and attractive." "

"Not only is this the perfect chair for my son as he no longer fidgets with his feet due to the foot rest, but sits up straight. The product is easy to assemble and very sturdy. Moreover, the customer service that the company offers is unsurpassed."

"I am very pleased with the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair, it was very simple to put together (even easier if my toddler had not INSISTED on "helping"!!). I was very pleasantly surprised by how nice looking the chair is, it just blends right in. And so much safer than those ugly plastic high chairs-Asha had been trying to dive out of her other high chair, climb out, etc-she was about to break her neck! I love how she can easily,and safely, climb in and out of the chair. I wish I had just gotten one of these to start with."

"To the Keekaroo Staff: I ordered a wonderful high chair & received not only a quality chair that my family will use through the ages, but an unknown discount! I look forward to telling many about this extra service to include me in the sale despite that I missed it. And it's great!"

"Ordering a second chair, we love the first!"

"SO...happy to see an affordable option for this type of chair! Thank You!!!"

"We have been very happy with this high chair. My daughter LOVES sitting right up to the table with us, and it has made dinnertime much more fun. Very sturdy design, seems like it could last a really long time. I love the height options. We got the bar and tray to go with the chair, and I can't think of any situation when this setup wouldn't be perfect. Very pleased!"

"Both the height right high chair and the karoo umbrella stroller are great!!! Our 4 month old daughter loves both... she likes sitting at the table in her high chair... and she loves riding around in her karoo stroller which is easy to use and travel with... love it for quick trips to the store."

"We love the adjustable high chair, we have a 2 1/2 year old and our friends have a 6 month old. The chair works great for both and when we need an extra adult chair we have one. The look of the chair also blends easily into our kitchen. It's not a big bulky plastic highchair that ends up taking up half the room. It's a great size and look!"

Cafe´ Booster Seat Testimonials

"My daughter and I love this seat. I love that is safely attaches to the chair and does not move. Even when she grabs a side to hoist herself into it. She loves that it is soft to sit on. It is very easy to clean. "

"I'm ordering my second one of these smart little booster seats so that both my kids can have one. We bought our first one two years ago and just love it. It's simple, understated, sleek, easy to clean and super comfortable…"

"My daughter requested this as a gift. It is well-made, comfortable for kids, and is a great color for most settings."

"This is the second Keekaroo Booster we have purchased. Each of our kids are using them now on the bar height chairs at our kitchen bar. They are perfect for keeping our 15 month and 3 year old secure in their chairs. Easy to install and keep clean. We love them."

"This seat is just what I was looking for. I wanted it to blend in, and the brown color is perfect. My daughter LOVES being up at the table in her "booster high chair", as she calls it. It's cushy and easy to wipe off. I was thinking the only seats out there were hard, plastic, ugly colors. This is perfect."

"After returning the Musty Grow Up booster because my 20 month old son absolutely refused to sit in it, and it didn't fit our chairs very well, I decided to give this one a try. I LOVE it!! My son asks to sit in it, it is extremely easy to clean, it fits onto our chairs easily, and is very modern and simple. The foam won't harm your chairs, and is comfy for the kiddos too. As soon as my second child is old enough, we will be ordering another one. By the way, I highly recommend the green. It is the EXACT color of a lime."

"We love the Keekaroo Cafe booster seat; it's perfect for our 2 1/2 year old who wants to be a part of the dinner table. She can pull right up and be included. The color and design make it a great addition to our kitchen. It's also easy to travel with if you are heading to someone house that isn't prepared for kids at the table; you can bring it with you easy enough."

"Delighted with my Keekaroo Cafe Booster Seat. It takes up very little space and is ready for my visiting grandchild. I especially like how easy it is to keep clean and "M" loves its soft feel. One less thing for traveling parents to have to haul. Grandparents should give this serious consideration."


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