When looking for a high chair, several types are available. Many parents are looking for a high chair that can become a fixture in their home decor. Plastic high chairs cannot achieve this. However, a wooden high chair is just what the doctor ordered. The classic design of the wooden high chair offers parents a child's seat that looks as if it belongs at the dinner table, or in any room! Below you will find the reasons wooden high chairs are the perfect choice for children and parents.

Every child fidgets when their legs hang off the front of a chair that is too tall for them. Proper seating and positioning is important for children of all ages. When the trunk, pelvis, legs, and feet are supported safely and appropriately, it has been shown that a person's ability to focus and attend to tasks improves greatly. Wooden High Chairs provide this benefit for ALL kids from toddlers to adults!

When using a wooden high chair, sitting with the family during tabletop activities and mealtimes has never been easier for your toddler. With a height and depth adjustable seat and footplate, wood high chairs assure a secure, comfortable fit for toddlers to adults.

Many wood high chairs have also been designed with durability in mind, providing years of growth for children. Most are easy to care for and can be safely wiped clean with mild disinfectants or simply warm water and any common household soap. The warm and stylish design of the wooden high chair offers a smooth, natural, attractive hardwood finish.

Wooden high chairs offer a look that no other children's chair can match. The natural wood finish allows the chair to remain at the dinner table at all times; even when it's not meal time. The sleek design of the wooden high chairs fits into most home decors. Whether your style is modern contemporary or shabby chic, wooden high chairs are a perfect match. The clean lines of the design of the chair lend itself to modernists, while the natural wood finish and use for adults as well as children makes it a perfect addition to a shabby chic collection.

As with any child's product, accessories to tailor the product are important. Many wooden high chairs include a 3 point safety belt. However, several accessories are available. When a younger child is using the chair a tray is needed. Wooden trays offer a flat, secure surface for eating. The large surface of the trays gets your child ready for meal time at the dinner table. As the child gets older, the tray may not be necessary. And of course, no high chair is complete without a cushion set. Cushion sets range from cloth to memory foam and add additional comfort for your child while using the high chair.

With so many options in high chairs, wooden high chairs offer more than a seating solution for a new baby. Wood high chairs become a fixture in a room and can be used long after your child requires a high chair. The beautiful and durable design of the wooden high chairs allows parents to use the high chair for years!


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