Support for Internet Explorer 11 Browser Ending 

Effective July 1, 2021, we will no longer be supporting the use of Internet Explorer on our website.

It has become increasingly difficult to add new features and enhance our website for use on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Because of this, we are announcing that we will no longer be testing new features and functions of the website with Internet Explorer.

This does not mean that our website will immediately stop working within Internet Explorer. However, we expect that some aspects of our site such as our updated checkout functions will be affected if you are using this outdated and unsupported browser. We will not be testing new features and pages in Internet Explorer and will no longer guarantee support for Internet Explorer.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please complete your transition to the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari as soon as possible to minimize any disruption to your access.

Why are we dropping support for Internet Explorer?

The only version of Internet Explorer that Microsoft still supports is version 11. All other versions prior to version 11 are no longer supported.

Internet Explorer 11 was first released in 2013, which makes it a very old and outdated. Due to this, Microsoft is no longer developing Internet Explorer and will only release security updates for it now. Although, coming up on August 17, 2021, IE11 will also be unsupported.

Microsoft is asking that Internet Explorer no longer be used as a browser. They no longer see it as a browser that should be used for browsing the internet since it is no longer supported.

What browsers do we support?

We will support the following browsers moving forward:

I am running an older version of Windows, what browser should I use?

All versions of Windows prior to Windows 8 are no longer supported by Microsoft including the Windows XP.

Windows 8 support will continue until January 10, 2023.  Although Windows 8 support will last for a bit longer, Microsoft is encouraging people to upgrade to Windows 10 well before that date.

For Windows 8 the following browsers should work:


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