Innovation has taken parents into a new world of baby gear. When your children become too big for a wooden high chair, but too small for a regular dining room chair, what can be done? No more phone books or catalogs to boost your little one to table height. The invention of Toddler Booster Seats has proven to come in handy time and time again.

What are Toddler Booster Seats? They are specially designed seats made especially to lift little bottoms up to table height while using a dining room chair. Many are molded from plastic and offer sturdy support for your children during mealtime. With the plastic materials, cleaning is simple and can easily be wiped clean. Many baby booster seats are made to be tear-resistant and peel-resistant, making it the ultimate chair for the toughest kids.

With child booster seats being made of plastic, comfort is at an all time high for your child. Many use a latex free material that is soft to the touch. Children who have trouble sitting still won't mind sitting for an entire meal or art time. And for those who still struggle, the skid resistant bottom helps aid in slight to no movement of the seat. Plus, many baby seats are impermeable to fluids. So even the messiest of eaters and painters can do their worst and child booster seats will withstand the abuse. The Café Booster from Keekaroo is no exception to all the features listed above. Some things to keep in mind when using the Café Booster are:

  • Do not use in water. While the material is impermeable to fluids, it cannot be submerged in water due to an air vent in the back of the cushion.
  • The Café Booster is not crash tested for use in a vehicle. Never use in a moving vehicle.
  • Before using the Café Booster, make sure the chair seating surface is larger than the booster so the booster will have a sufficient surface to rest on.
  • The Café Booster is meant for sitting only. Never let your child stand on the booster seat.


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