New parents find themselves bogged down with choices for their new child. How can they be sure to make the right choices? When it comes to baby high chairs the choices are endless. Metal; plastic; portable; wooden, the list goes on. So what is the best high chair for your child? Wooden high chairs may not be the best for everyone, but they offer features the other styles cannot match.

Wood high chairs offer a stylish choice in an otherwise unstylish product. Plastic high chairs and metal high chairs can become eyesores in the corner of the kitchen or room. Funky printed cushions and large plastic or metal structures cannot be hidden when the chair is not in use. A wooden high chair, on the other hand, offers a stylish look, not unlike the chairs already at the kitchen table. Many are available in different finishes including oak, mahogany, teak, espresso and even white to compliment any home decor. The wood baby high chair looks like it is a part of the room, and can be kept at the table at all times, even after your child has outgrown it!

When looking for a wooden high chair, durability should be kept in mind. Wooden high chairs offer durability and long lasting use. With height adjustable seats and footrests, a wooden high chair can grow with a child from infant to toddler. Some even have a weight capacity to hold a teenager! And the ease of care is amazing. Wood finishes allow for an easy warm water wipe down to keep the wooden high chair clean between uses. Some include tray covers to insure a clean eating or playing surface.

Wooden high chairs also offer proper seated positioning. With the ability to adjust the seat and footrest, a child will never have to sit in a chair that is too big. No more legs fidgeting and kicking during mealtime. This helps in a more focused and attentive mealtime.

When a child is more attentive and focused at mealtime, this transitions to becoming more focused during school and other activities. Since children sit during most of their day, whether it is at school or at home, using a wooden high chair that truly fits a child's sitting needs can become extremely important. Proper posture and balance can be attained with an adjustable high chair. The ergonomics of the chair can change as the child grows, making a wooden high chair a product that will last!

And wooden high chairs offer several accessories to make them more comfortable. Cushion pads on the seat and backrest allow for a more comfortable seating experience. And, of course, every high chair needs a tray. Wooden trays not only add a fashionable style to the high chair, they also add a strong surface for children to eat, draw or play on. They also offer tray covers to keep the surface easy to clean.

In order to select the proper wooden baby high chair, take into consideration these factors; style, functionality, accessory importance and adjustability. Once these factors have been decided, selecting the perfect wooden high chair will be a cinch.


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