Keekaroo® vs. Stokke®

Choosing a wooden high chair can be a daunting task with so many options on the market today. Two leading wooden high chairs are the Keekaroo Height Right and the Stokke Tripp Trapp. While the Tripp Trapp has been available for many years, Keekaroo has proven to be a competitive match. Safety, adjustability, features, style and price are the main characteristics parents look for in wooden high chairs. Let's break down the two chairs and see how they stack up:

Keekaroo Height Right Chair
Stokke Tripp Trapp
Keekaroo Height Right Chair
Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair
Adjustable Seat Plate
Adjustable Foot Plate
Includes Removable Tray
Age Range
6 months to adult/up to 250 lbs.
6 months to adult/up to 300 lbs.
5 Years
7 Years
Optional Accessories
Easily Cleaned Comfort Cushion
Cloth Cushion
Easily Cleaned Infant Insert
Infant Seat
Wooden Tray
Baby Rail
* EVERY Tray comes with a Dishwasher Safe plastic Tray Cover
Easy to Clean Wood
Easy to Clean Wood
Color Options
Natural, Mahogany, Espresso
Manufacturer's Warrantay
5 Years
5 Years
Strength of Wood
Base Price
Price With ALL Accessories

SAFETY: Providing a comfortable and safe seat for your child at mealtime enhances everyone's experience. Your child is secure and happy, and so are you, creating the perfect mealtime atmosphere.

ADJUSTABILITY: The Height Right by Keekaroo adjusts and grows with your child from 6 months to adult (up to 250lbs). Comfortable at the dining table or at a desk, this adjustable chair will last a lifetime!

FEATURES: Keekaroo's Height Right offers many features the Tripp Trapp doesn't, including a wooden tray with BPA free cover, infant insert and comfort cushions!

STYLE: Many parents look for a wooden high chair that blends seamlessly with their decor. The Height Right wooden high chair fits in any decor with three beautiful finishes, Natural, Mahogany or Espresso.

PRICE: The complete Keekaroo Height Right Chair with accessories retails for a much lower price compared to the Tripp Trapp.

For more information on Keekaroo Height Right Chairs, visit our Health & Safety Commitment

This page is intended to provide general information on wooden high chair specifications. The Tripp Trapp Chair is a registered trademark of Stokke®. Keekaroo® is not affiliated with Stokke. All information relating to the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair was obtained from Stokke's official website.