safe for the planet, safe for your child

safe for the planet, safe for your child Parents’ number one goal is protecting their children.  Not only from harm they can see, but from harm in what they can’t see, like the environment. 

Keekaroo understands this need to keep children safe.  From the beginning, Keekaroo’s designers kept in mind the safety of their own children and the children of the world, making sure our products are eco-friendly.  We have designed the Height Right Wooden High Chair and all wooden accessories to be made from eco-friendly products.  

The Height Right Wooden High Chair is made from a renewable natural resource; Rubber wood.  Rubber wood is typically burned at the end of its harvest, but by using this wood, we are able to help protect the environment by using one of its wondrous resources.

The finish on the Height Right Wood High Chair is a standard clear plant based* lacquer with no pigments or lead and environmentally safe low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

For full technical details about our products and the steps we have taken to make Keekaroo products safe for children and the environment, please visit the HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT pages.

Keekaroo is doing their part to help save the environment.  Are you? 

"We love the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair in our home.  Not only is it attractive and easy to put together, but it is really important to me that it isn't made of plastic, that it can be used for many years long after my baby is no longer a baby, and it is easy to clean.  Just another product that makes living green with baby easy, fun, and attractive."  Manda Aufochs Gillespie aka the green mama  

*Please understand the toxicity of lacquers you hear about refers to the liquid solvent which is used as a "carrier" for the purpose of delivering the cellulose solids to the product. Once dried, the wet solvents are no longer present in the product because they have evaporated. Our lacquer has both water based and plant based characteristics. We use a water-based lacquer made from cellulose solids. Once the lacquer is dried, the cellulose remains as the final finish. Cellulose is a plant fiber, so these solids remain when the water-based carrier dries. Water-based lacquers are less toxic and more environmentally friendly compared to petroleum solvent-based lacquers.