Keekaroo Commitment to Health and Safety

Health Issues

Keekaroo is committed to offering products that support parental efforts at health and safety. Below we have compiled information regarding how Keekaroo products are safe for the planet and safe for your child. All Keekaroo high chair and booster products are JPMA Certified. When you see the JPMA symbol of certification, you can be sure that the product has met the strictest performance standards.

Keekaroo Chairs: The finish on the wood Height Right High Chairs is a standard clear lacquer. No harmful chemicals are used in any of our products, including chairs. Our color stains like Mahogany are plant based and non-toxic.

Keekaroo Cushions: Keekaroo’s exclusive cushion process makes “soft-to-touch” cushions safe for children. It also means cushion materials are people friendly.

Through its trade secret materials and processes, Keekaroo is able to control the quality and safety of each cushion produced. Our cushion material is made of polyurethane polymers. Polyurethane polymers are safe for human contact. In fact, medical devices and some biological implants are made from certain types of polyurethane polymers. Another example of polyurethane polymers is stretch material found in athletic clothing. Probably most familiar is the cushion foam material. It is identical to that found in furniture cushions and automobile cushions people sit on daily.

For specific and technical concerns, the following charts may be of interest.

Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


Bisphenol A (BPA)

Keekaroo is also proud to pass all standards for:

  • Consumer Product Safety Information Act of 2008 covering lead and phthalates levels
  • California Airborne Toxic Control Measure covering formaldehyde levels

Additional information can be found in our Sustainability Commitment