Sustainability and Community

Environmental Issues

Keekaroo is committed to the sustainability of our environment through responsible practices in manufacturing, sourcing, and growing a business in our own community.

Sustainability Commitment

At Keekaroo, sustainability is achieved not only through responsible manufacturing, but through product design and innovation. The Height Right Wooden High Chair or Kids Chair is made from a renewable natural resource called Rubber Wood. Our chairs are useable throughout your child’s life because it “grows” with your child. Adjustable from 6 months of age to an adult up 250 lbs, Height Right Chairs offer the flexibility and durability that parents look for in quality furniture pieces. Further information on our products can be found in our Health & Safety Commitment

Community Commitment

Keekaroo is based in Dolgeville, NY, the same small town where it was founded in 2001 in Central NY. Friends and family that our founders grew up with are employed; and local craftsmen from the area help in the hand crafted design process. Keekaroo supports local fairs and festivals; and the company uses local professionals like computer network specialists, accountants, and maintenance contractors. From office work to product design, to manufacturing labor, we are ensuring our small town is provided for in the heart of Upstate New York.

Keekaroo cushions are made in the USA by Keekaroo. All Comfort Cushions, Infant Inserts and Café Booster Seats are proudly made in New York. Employing workers in the USA is one of Keekaroo’s proudest accomplishments. However, like most baby and juvenile furniture, Keekaroo chairs are manufactured overseas. To offer a good value to our customers, wooden highchairs must be imported for now. This is the only way Keekaroo can be competitive today. The good news is that we are making progress to bring manufacturing back to the USA. In the interim, the best we can do for our world community is to continue using the renewable natural resource Rubber Wood. Join us in our work in progress!